GCYS - Grayson County Youth SoccerWelcome to the home page for Grayson County Youth Soccer


The Board this year is already hard at work on Spring Soccer!
Registration will be Every Saturday in March: 1st, 8th, 15th, 22nd, and 29th from 10am – 2pm.
Final registrations must be RECEIVED by April 1st – NO EXCEPTIONS.
You can still mail in your registration form that is available for download.
Fees are $35 for everyone. New/replacement uniforms are an additional $30.

Opening Day will be April Tuesday 8th; if you haven’t heard from your
coach before then, please contact a Board Member. Closing Day will be
Saturday May 17th. Let’s hope we have a nice dry Spring!

Get ready for a great Fall Season!

We have a good Board this year and they are
working hard to make this a good season. If you are
willing to donate your time or expertise to the cause
please let us know!

As always, if you have any questions or problems, please
feel free to contact a Board Member.

Please don’t forget – We’re in it for the Kids!

Soccer Camp

Chipotle goes 100 percent non-GMO.

For this good reason, Natural News is currently publicly endorsing the leadership and clean meals eyesight of the Chipotle cafe chain, honoring the pioneering and courage spirit of the chain in staking out new territory in the clean food movement. I don’t normally consume at junk food chains, but I’m now likely to make it a spot to go to a Chipotle soon to check out what they need to offer. If however you discover me chowing down at a Chipotle cafe in Austin, Texas, avoid being amazed. Why switching to 100 percent non-GMO is an extraordinary achievementIn order to assist you appreciate the issue of heading 100 percent non-GMO, let me share a few of what’s involved with this. I’m certified to talk about this because I’m intimately mixed up in product sourcing, laboratory and certification testing of recycleables for items sold via the Normal News Store. Continue reading

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Autologous tumor cell vaccination: A highly effective technique to advance long-term leukemia control Individuals with advanced chronic lymphocytic leukemia often receive donor transplants that effectively ‘reboot’ their very own immune defenses, which attack and potentially cure the hard-to-treat disease then http://www.himcolin.org . However, there exists a higher rate of relapse in these individuals, and the transplanted immune cells could also harm normal tissues, causing graft-versus-web host disease . Now, researchers at Dana-Farber Cancers Institute statement in the Journal of Clinical Investigation that they noticed a solid and selective immune response in a few patients who received, after the transplant shortly, several dosages of a ‘individualized’ tumor vaccine made up of their very own inactivated leukemia cells coupled with an immune stimulant, GM-CSF. Continue reading

And I wont lie to you.

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Beneficial effects of efas in children with autism and Aspergers syndrome Nordic Naturals.

All of the kids displayed significant increases within their language and learning abilities after supplementation with Comprehensive Omega. Statistical analysis, that was finished at the University of Arizona, demonstrated that the upsurge in scores from time 0 to day time 90 in each one of the 8 areas measured got high statistical significance. The investigators also observed the need for fish essential oil purity and of you start with the cheapest possible dose because of this populace. Ms. Patrick noticed, We believe that the impressive outcomes of this research support the importance for style and implementation of potential studies using bigger sample size and placebo-controlled platforms. Continue reading

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Although it is fairly common in the globe, it really is still not yet defined as a serious syndrome. In fact, many people still consult what adrenal exhaustion is. If this issue immediately isn’t treated, it’ll end up leading to havoc in your daily life. In some full cases, the fatigue is indeed severe that it deters you from departing your bed for the better area of the day time. With prolonged reduced amount of adrenal functions, most organs in one’s body are deeper affected. You will have serious adjustments in your carbohydrates, proteins, and fats. Additionally, it may affect your electrolyte stability, cardiovascular system, libido, and fluid supply. Continue reading

BAROnova presents ENDObesity We clinical trial data at SAGES meeting BAROnova.

BAROnova presents ENDObesity We clinical trial data at SAGES meeting BAROnova, Inc., recently shown data from their ENDObesity I medical trial at the annual Culture of American Gastrointestinal and Endoscopic Surgeons conference nitrofurantoina fda . Related StoriesWeight loss and workout improve ovulation in ladies with polycystic ovary syndromeStudy reveals potential restrictions of app-based method of weight lossLow-fat diets usually do not business lead to greater weight reduction in longterm, shows meta-analysis research ‘These devices was well tolerated and topics were discharged house from an outpatient placing within two hours of TPS insertion minus the nausea and pain that are typically familiar with intragastric therapies. Continue reading

Colchicine more effective than placebo for recurrent pericarditis Colchicine.

‘It will also be mentioned that colchicine is not registered for the prevention of pericarditis and its use for this indication is off-label.’.. Colchicine more effective than placebo for recurrent pericarditis Colchicine, when given furthermore to conventional therapy, was more effective than placebo in lowering the incidence of recurrence and the persistence of symptoms of pericarditis in a randomised controlled trial. This is actually the first time that the efficacy of colchicine in stopping recurrent episodes of pericarditis provides been demonstrated in a double-blind multicentre randomised trial. Continue reading

Costs Nyes logic: Rape.

He proudly says that the pro-life placement is founded on a deep scientific insufficient understanding. You cannot help but notice. You have a complete large amount of males of European descent moving each one of these extraordinary laws predicated on ignorance, he said. You evidently literally have no idea what you are discussing, he said. Because the 1970s, over 56.66 million fetuses have already been sacrificed, never obtaining a chance to even become viable beyond your womb, aside from grow into formed infants fully, adults and children. Abortion is becoming so accessible therefore convenient, but Expenses Nye would deflect from the heart of the problem rather. Many, many, a lot more a huge selection of eggs are fertilized than become human beings, he says, because not absolutely all of these eggs will put on a woman’s uterine wall structure and bring about pregnancy. Continue reading

A particular supplement to the Journal of Alzheimers Disease.

The resulting assortment of original research conveys multiple perspectives on topics which range from molecular targets of caffeine, neurophysiological adaptations and modifications, to the potential mechanisms underlying the behavioral and neuroprotective activities of caffeine in distinct brain pathologies. ‘Epidemiological research first exposed an inverse association between the chronic intake of caffeine and the incidence of Parkinson’s disease,’ regarding to Cunha and Mendon-a. ‘This was paralleled by animal research of Parkinson’s disease displaying that caffeine prevented electric motor deficits as well as neurodegeneration ‘Afterwards a few epidemiological research showed that the consumption of moderate amounts of caffeine was inversely associated with the cognitive decline associated with aging as well as the incidence of Alzheimer’s disease. Continue reading

Researchers at Johns Hopkins University College of Medication in Baltimore.

The researchers say that group will need more intensive intervention to make sure caffeine abstinence and may be at greater risk for misuse of or dependence on other drugs. The new research shows that caffeine and alcoholic addiction may have identical neurological roots, and that genetic vulnerability reflected in a family history of alcoholism can also be at the main of the inability to avoid caffeine use, says Griffiths. In the December problem of the American Journal of Psychiatry The study is published.. Alcoholic beverages and Caffeine addiction identical According to a fresh study caffeine loving women with a family history of alcohol misuse will have trouble kicking the espresso habit when they are pregnant. Continue reading

Inhibits the KRAS gene.

Cancer researchers look for molecule that inhibits KRAS gene UT Southwestern INFIRMARY cancer researchers possess found a molecule that selectively and irreversibly interferes with the experience of a mutated cancers gene common in thirty % of tumors. The molecule, SML-8-73-1 , inhibits the KRAS gene, or Kirsten rat sarcoma viral oncogene homolog. The gene creates proteins called K-Ras that impact when cells divide blog anatomie de la prostate . Mutations in K-Ras can lead to normal cells dividing uncontrollably and turning cancerous. These mutations are especially within cancers of the lung, pancreas, and colon. Continue reading

The case in 2003 centered on Raj and Shahana Hashmi.

Hoffman said the Hashmi family ought to be saved from ‘needing to play dice with conception’. The Human being Fertilization and Embryology Authority welcomed Thursday’s decision but Anti-abortion groups have challenged the decision saying it went ‘further down the slippery slope in creating humans to provide spare parts for another.’.. British court provides just do it for IVF babies to be created to save sick siblings British couples will now be legally allowed to create babies through in vitro fertilization to greatly help cure sick siblings. Continue reading

ARRY-502 achieved the primary endpoint.

The results of our analysis could also be used to statistically probe complex relationships between genetic variation and disease, says co-writer Marcin Imielinski.. Array BioPharma announces positive results from ARRY-502 Phase 2 trial for allergic asthma Array BioPharma Inc. ARRY-502 achieved the primary endpoint, significant improvement in pre-bronchodilator Forced Expiratory Quantity in one second , a measure of lung function. ARRY-502 was well tolerated with fewer adverse occasions compared to placebo. These excellent results support continued advancement of ARRY-502 in allergic asthma. The proof-of-concept research enrolled 184 individuals in the United States with mild-to-moderate persistent allergic asthma, a population which represents a lot more than 12 million sufferers in the U.S.9 percent versus placebo , attaining statistical significance . Continue reading

Today announced that it effectively completed a phase 1 clinical study of Abdominal103.

Atox Bio completes Abdominal103 phase 1 research in serious bacterial sepsis and attacks Atox Bio Inc. Today announced that it effectively completed a phase 1 clinical study of Abdominal103, a novel therapy for the treating serious bacterial sepsis and infections. The trial was made to evaluate the protection, pharmacokinetics and tolerability of Stomach103 finast.net . It had been a dual blind, placebo controlled research that included 25 healthful volunteers receiving escalating solitary doses of AB103. The analysis was executed at the University of Maryland in Baltimore, US. Continue reading

Bioactive compounds in peaches.

Compared with other electronic products, portable medical electronic items have a rather special demand. With social and economic development, folks are more alert to their health. Their wellness demands and ability to pay for healthcare products and services are also rising. This has led to a reliable expansion of the marketplace of portable medical electronic products, home-use lightweight medical electronic products especially. As the national authorities becomes the dominant purchaser of hospital-use portable medical electronic products, the market in addition has seen new breakthroughs in its growth, because of the continuous attempts to intensify livelihood and social security program building in China. Continue reading