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‘Governor [Jan] Brewer is in fact considering the use of the State’s National Guard to guy the Grand Canyon in defiance of the federal order which turn off the park. Arizona is awaiting Brewer’s following move as she contemplates how to stand up the tyranny emanating from Washington.’ An earlier attempt at reasoning with the administration created no favorable results, reports Fox News [ Brewer wanted to use state funds to keep the park open, but federal bureaucrats – acting on the administration’s guidelines, no doubt – have rejected them beyond control.A recently available New York Occasions op-ed, for example, from a pro-vaccine doctor who earns millions a complete calendar year from childhood vaccine royalties was entitled, What Would Jesus Perform About Measles? – – a mention of the hysteria concerning vaccines and a recently available measles outbreak which has reportedly pass on to an impressive 100 roughly people. The writer, Dr. Paul Offit, a pediatrician at Children’s Medical center in Philadelphia, wrote that Jesus would wish everyone vaccinated with regard to the greater great.