Its all due to a group of Anti-GMO activists from Mexico called Sin Maiz No Hay Vida.

Anti-GMO activists hoax mainstream media with mock Monsanto press release Why is Monsanto’s Chief of Community Relations scrambling to guard the mega biotech huge that employs her? Why is the chief overseer of Monsanto’s worldwide analysis and technology justifying his activities at main press conferences? It’s all due to a group of Anti-GMO activists from Mexico called Sin Maiz No Hay Vida. The activists created a webpage known as Monsanto Global with the intent to bring awareness to Monsanto’s control of agriculture world-wide.Hippo Series, Fizzlers are fun for children! They tickle, flavor grape-y and dissolve right on the tongue. One tablet equals one full dose, so it is easy for parents to give and easy for kids to take. We have become worked up about our first product release in the Children’s Category, said Trish O’Connell, Marketing Director, Oral Care. That is a great solution for Mothers who are searching for sore throat comfort, for kids just. Cepacol Fizzlers makes dealing with children’s sore throat discomfort easy, and has been granted the Good Housekeeping Seal.

Artificial turf linked to cancer being abandoned over the U.S. As citizens demand secure playing fields for kids and athletes As the artificial turf that is often used for several sporting events across the country has been praised because of its apparent ability to help diminish impact injuries and be less of a hassle than maintaining ongoing lawn maintenance, it is also being eyed as a cancer-causing medical condition.