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The virus didn’t affect officials and chickens say South African ostrich and poultry meat remains safe for consumption. The European Union just resumed ostrich imports from South Africa in November this past year after it declared itself free from H5N2 bird flu, which though deadly to pets, unlike the extremely pathogenic H5N1 variety, is not bad for humans. The Division of Agriculture is wishing poultry exports will never be affected and has recently began negotiations with South Africa’s trade partners.. Bird flu appears in South African ostriches once again Regarding to authorities in Southern Africa sixty ostriches have already been found to get a type of bird flu upon a farm in the Western Cape.For most pre-Medicare retirees enrolled in an Anthem plan, you will see no out-of-pocket co-pays or cost connected with either of the procedures. By taking benefit of the PERACare Select benefit, retirees could save just as much as $13,000 in out-of-pocket costs. Most of us need to work together to crack the code on cost confusion while delivering high quality, cost-effective health care, said Gregory W. Smith, executive director and CEO of PERA. The new PERACare Select benefit for hips and knees allows Colorado PERA retirees to be better consumers and advocates of their own healthcare, which improves the patient experience and saves cash for both the patient and the entire health care program.