The Fluoride Action Network.

The Fluoride Action Network , a truth about fluoride advocacy group, reports that the Group of United Latin AMERICANS , the oldest Hispanic civil rights corporation in the US, recently adopted an answer decrying water fluoridation as a civil rights abuse. The resolution declares that adding fluoride to water materials is essentially an illegal mass medication of the public. It also mentions the countless current scientific tests that highlight the dangers of ingesting fluoride, especially among those with pre-existing health conditions – – and that public health authorities have ignored this science in favor of their unscientific, pro-fluoride agenda , water fluoridation has offered no significant oral benefits for all those consuming it. Particularly in the Hispanic community, a lot of those drinking fluoridated water still have plenty of cavities – – however they also now have high rates of dental care fluorosis, a condition where tooth become brittle, mottled, and brown because of fluoride ingestion.The findings appear in the web journal PLoS ONE. The experts took photographs of patients who visited five of the hospital's primary care and attention or general internal medication clinics and asked them to complete a survey regarding their general physical and mental health. General internal medicine doctors and residents looked at the photos, were told how aged each patient was and were asked do you consider this patient looks chronically ill then? The study found that a physician identified that a individual was chronically ill in mere 45 accurately.5 per cent of cases. Furthermore, only 12 of the 126 individuals were rated as showing up chronically ill by the majority of physicians, suggesting that there is little consensus amongst physicians on what that description means.