Beneath the hard external coating sits a porous structure.

Any remaining powder is then eliminated. Layer by coating this creates an open-pored material which has the right density at each stage precisely. ‘We can therefore produce components that meet stringent requirements with reduced weight’, enthuses Andreas Burblies. Manufacturers of bone implants are among those interested in this technology. Implants are manufactured to millimeter accuracy but are manufactured from solid titanium currently.. Artificial bone generated by computer This technology takes its lead from nature: Bones are masterpieces of lightweight construction that can withstand immense stresses. Beneath the hard external coating sits a porous structure.The availability of good pre and post-treatment photos and the diversity of ethnic backgrounds had been the primary selection criteria. Patients had been treated with Artefill in varied intervals which range from six weeks to one year and changes were evaluated from baseline. Improvement was seen in all HIV lipoatrophy patients ranging between 50-100 %. Non-HIV patients experienced general facial contour improvement. We believe Artefill is a viable treatment option for lipoatrophy and nonsurgical anti-aging enhancement. Our individuals found Artefill to work, much less and long-lasting painful in comparison to other fillers, commented Dr. Niroomand. SOURCE Suneva Medical, Inc.

Chinese twin loses battle to survive subsequent separation surgery Among the twins separated from her conjoined sister has lost her battle to survive following complex and extensive medical operation which released her from her sister.