An international team of researchers has pinpointed a chemical compound that is.

Higher degrees of the flavanol epicatechin in the bloodstream had been accompanied by improved blood circulation. In the laboratory, flavanols administered to samples of vascular tissue caused the cells to relax. Pure epicatechin consumed by humans had quite similar effect as did consumption of flavanol-rich cocoa. Considered jointly, these findings point to epicatechin among the compounds within cocoa that has beneficial impacts on cardiovascular wellness.. Chocolate compund that helps heart identified In a multifaceted research involving the Kuna Indians of Panama, an international team of researchers has pinpointed a chemical compound that is, in part, accountable, for the heart-healthy benefits of certain cocoas plus some chocolate products. The researchers, who are from the University of California, Davis; the Heinrich-Heine University of Duesseldorf, Germany; and Harvard Medical School, hope the findings will lead to fresh dietary or medicinal methods for improving and maintaining cardiovascular wellness.We’ve demonstrated that you truly activate certain elements of the disease fighting capability and it might potentially function against you, clarifies Michael Borchers, PhD, business lead investigator of the analysis and UC associate professor of environmental wellness. Borchers and his group report their results in the March 2009 problem of the Journal of Clinical Investigation. The analysis appears before print Feb online. 9, 2009. It’s the first research to survey data defining a connection between the disease fighting capability and COPD disease progression and intensity. COPD is certainly a progressive pulmonary disease thought to be triggered by long-term using tobacco.