In acknowledgement of achieving excellence in customer service in 2012.

This award is all the more beneficial to us as our clients rate us on their own experiences. says Dr. Ludwin Monz, CEO and President of Carl Zeiss Meditec AG. We strongly believe that it is not enough to supply our customers with excellent and innovative items, but to also deliver exceptional service and support year after year. While receipt of the 2012 Award is certainly a significant achievement on its own, it really is especially notable that this may be the tenth consecutive calendar year that Carl Zeiss has been honored, stated John Alexander Maraganis, president & CEO of Omega. This obviously shows the company's deep commitment to exceeding their customers' expectations and to delivering an exceptional customer experience consistently.Halal is the dietary standard of Muslims, and can be an Arabic phrase meaning lawful or permitted. Halal Certification must produce acceptable food and consumable products for halal consumers. Relating to IFANCA, the developing global market for halal-certified products is estimated at 1.6 billion Muslims along with others who choose to consume halal products.S.

Chronically ill patients report better standard of living than those with reversible outcomes Holding on to hope might not make patients happier as they deal with chronic disease or diseases, according to a new study by University of Michigan Health System researchers.