CardioDx establishes coverage for Corus CAD gene expression test CardioDx.

Identifying those symptomatic sufferers with out a coronary blockage who may be able to avoid imaging or invasive testing is a significant problem for doctors, involving up to 10,000 individuals in the daily U.S., said David Levison, President and CEO of CardioDx. By providing Medicare beneficiaries usage of Corus CAD, this insurance decision enables patients to avoid unnecessary risks and techniques associated with cardiac imaging and elective invasive angiography, while helping payers address an certain area of significant health care spend.0. CoActiv leverages its longstanding knowledge with standards-based technology to bring new market-leading features and functionality to its flagship business PACS also to provide more choices and flexibility over the entire product line with expanded deployment choices and a more robust vendor neutral archive .Anderson Cancer Center discussed methods to more successfully focus on these tumors within their ‘sanctuary’ at the American Association for Cancer Analysis 100th Annual Getting together with 2009 in Denver. Professor of Malignancy Biology Isaiah J. Fidler, D.V.M., Ph.D., shown a novel theory about why mind metastases are resistant to chemotherapy. ‘Astrocytes are spider-like cells that normally enjoy the important function of offering oxygen and nutrition to neurons, and safeguarding neurons from occurring poisons naturally,’ Fidler said.