As reported by BBC Information.

Bed-ridden hospital individuals to be electro-shocked via particular pants to avoid bed sores Researchers from the University of Calgary in Canada attended up with an unconventional fresh approach to treating bed sores that they state may help save health systems all over the world billions of dollars each year. As reported by BBC Information, doctors from the institution have devised double-cushioned underpants that actually shock the buttocks of immobile individuals with electricity to be able to simulate actual motion and prevent the advancement of pressure ulcers. Individuals with spinal-cord injuries and various other debilitating conditions and ailments tend to be confined to wheelchairs or medical center beds for long periods of time, which makes them susceptible to developing localized accidents on your skin in areas where continuous pressure has been applied, but no motion is occurring .

For pimple skin, you can test this salt healing method also. Salt gets the power of diminishing swelling, sterilizing and removing extra sebum. Whenever a pimple is got by you grown on your own face, you may find if this salt technique can help you. Get a natural cotton pad and soak it into drinking water. Take the natural cotton pad out from drinking water and put in a little bit of salt onto it. The cotton pad on your face until it really is dried Apply. Then you can take away the natural cotton pad from you encounter. But if you discover a wound for your pimple, you might have to be cautious and the salt will provide you with a stinging feeling.