Can you have your cake and protect brain health.

While actual prevention trials are needed to confirm the results and clarify whether a healthy diet plan is also associated with a lower risk for the scientific starting point of Alzheimer’s disease, the findings may provide an additional incentive for people to watch what they consume to market their physical and mental wellness, Reiman told CBS News. Heather Snyder, Ph.D., Director of Medical and Scientific Functions at the Alzheimer’s Association, told CBS News, We are able to leave with new info that supports the thought of eating a well balanced diet. Added Shakersain, Whether diet plan has an impact on specific cognitive domains – – attention, memory, language, planning and decision-making, etcetera – – needs more research.Pathologists have to take the business lead in the use of genomics technology, including entire genome sequencing, laboratory systems and personalized medication.’ As a crucial first step in leading this charge, the BIDMC Section of Pathology, in collaboration with BIDMC’s genetic counseling support, last year released the Genomic Medication Initiative, a first-of-its-kind compulsory plan to prepare doctors-in-training to use genomics and personalized medication within their day-to-day practices. ‘That is emerging among the most crucial shifts in medical education in years,’ says Saffitz, Chief of Pathology in Mallinckrodt and BIDMC Professor of Pathology in Harvard Medical School.