GCYS - Grayson County Youth SoccerWelcome to the home page for Grayson County Youth Soccer


The Board this year is already hard at work on Spring Soccer!
Registration will be Every Saturday in March: 1st, 8th, 15th, 22nd, and 29th from 10am – 2pm.
Final registrations must be RECEIVED by April 1st – NO EXCEPTIONS.
You can still mail in your registration form that is available for download.
Fees are $35 for everyone. New/replacement uniforms are an additional $30.

Opening Day will be April Tuesday 8th; if you haven’t heard from your
coach before then, please contact a Board Member. Closing Day will be
Saturday May 17th. Let’s hope we have a nice dry Spring!

Get ready for a great Fall Season!

We have a good Board this year and they are
working hard to make this a good season. If you are
willing to donate your time or expertise to the cause
please let us know!

As always, if you have any questions or problems, please
feel free to contact a Board Member.

Please don’t forget – We’re in it for the Kids!

Soccer Camp

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Anaphylaxis Campaign’s special conference to explore issues in allergy care Alder Hey Children's Medical center, Liverpool on Wednesday 30th April 2014 This special meeting for our 20th Anniversary year will focus on providing a complete and comprehensive round up of past, present and emerging trends and themes in allergy, management and care amoxil combinations http://amoxil.net . The conference is free to all our DOCTOR Members and we expect over 70 clinicians in neuro-scientific allergy to attend. We’ve a packed agenda which will offer our delegates with a detailed update on key medical research and in addition on our recent campaigns and function. Continue reading

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17 to attain an agreement to improve the limit or give some type of short-term spending budget compromise that the Democrat-managed Senate and Light House would accept, which appears unlikely at that time. Backers of a increase in the ceiling, which include Obama, say it really is needed to prevent a U.S. Default on sovereign debts. Opponents state the ceiling boost ought never to happen, because the country has already been too deeply with debt; besides, they remember that the U.S. Authorities brings in a lot of tax and various other revenues monthly to take care of its interest and debts payments. Continue reading

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