GCYS - Grayson County Youth SoccerWelcome to the home page for Grayson County Youth Soccer


The Board this year is already hard at work on Spring Soccer!
Registration will be Every Saturday in March: 1st, 8th, 15th, 22nd, and 29th from 10am – 2pm.
Final registrations must be RECEIVED by April 1st – NO EXCEPTIONS.
You can still mail in your registration form that is available for download.
Fees are $35 for everyone. New/replacement uniforms are an additional $30.

Opening Day will be April Tuesday 8th; if you haven’t heard from your
coach before then, please contact a Board Member. Closing Day will be
Saturday May 17th. Let’s hope we have a nice dry Spring!

Get ready for a great Fall Season!

We have a good Board this year and they are
working hard to make this a good season. If you are
willing to donate your time or expertise to the cause
please let us know!

As always, if you have any questions or problems, please
feel free to contact a Board Member.

Please don’t forget – We’re in it for the Kids!

Soccer Camp

Through Cedar Hills Hospital.

Cirino, also a staff member at the Wildwood Psychiatric Resource Center, was recently named by her peers as one of Portland’s top psychiatric doctors in the January 2011 issue of Portland Monthly magazine. Post-partum depressive disorder risk factors for fresh mothers include prior history of post-partum depressive disorder, bipolar disorder, a difficult delivery or labor, and/or a previous depression episode.. Ascend Health opens Mother-Infant Outpatient Plan to treat post-partum depression Ascend Health Corporation, through Cedar Hills Hospital, announced the opening of the Mother-Baby Outpatient Program, the 1st in the Pacific Northwest region where new mothers may receive treatment with their children in a safe, caring and convenient setting. Continue reading

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Kenneth G. Hayes, Chief and President Executive Officer of Biomerix Company stated, We are happy with this agreement and appearance forward to an effective, precious partnership with Medline. Medline lately announced the signing of a three-year national contract with Premier Purchasing Companions, the group purchasing device of Premier, Inc., to supply surgical mesh biomaterials found in soft cells reinforcement to the a lot more than 2,200 U.S. Hospitals and 58,000 health care sites that are users of the Premier health care alliance. .. Biomerix enters distribution contract with Medline Biomerix Company, a medical technology business developing and production innovative hernia repair items, announced that it has entered into a special distribution contract with Medline Sectors today, Inc., the country’s largest privately held producer and distributor of medical and medical products in the usa. Continue reading

Can elderberry help treat flu and colds?

The University of Maryland Medical Center says European elder, called black elder also, is the variety many used for medicinal reasons. Unripe or Raw elderberries, along with other parts of the plant, include a toxic compound linked to cyanide. If the berries are not cooked thoroughly they may be poisonous. But Kevin Brennan says, for his family, the natural alternative seems to be working. ‘The duration and the severity of how they get unwell is much less and they improve your health quicker,’ he said.. Can elderberry help treat flu and colds? A historical herbal remedy gets fresh attention this frosty and flu season. Some parents and even pediatricians believe elderberry extract or syrup can help kids remain healthy and lessen the symptoms when they do get ill. Continue reading

3-5 in Pasadena.

Related StoriesLight-chain amyloidosis patients treated with high-dose chemo and stem cell transplantation possess long-term survivalTUM researchers uncover signaling pathways that play essential role in self-renewal of blood stem cellsSCT, Thermo Fisher Scientific collaborate to advance advancement of cardiac disease versions’Cedars-Sinai is proud to sponsor this unique and outstanding event that brings together industry, individual and academia advocates to go over the real advances and issues of stem cells and translational medicine,” stated Clive Svendsen, PhD, director of Cedars-Sinai’s Regenerative Medication Institute. Focused on advancing probably the most promising medical frontiers, the Cedars-Sinai Regenerative Medicine Institute includes basic scientists and clinicians to translate laboratory discoveries into effective stem cell and other regenerative therapies. Continue reading

Barley is definitely a rich way to obtain beta-glucan.

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An appeals courtroom in Shandong in October ordered the retrial. Regarding to Li Jingsong, one of Chen’s lawyers, the Linyi Town Intermediate Courtroom overturned the sentence as the process of the 1st trial was unfair, and facts and evidence. Were not tenable and didn’t hold water . Teng Biao, one of Chen’s lawyers, said, The verdict demonstrates the court didn’t pay attention to any of the lawyer’s opinions. They need to have made a decision before the trial. He added, This quantities to malevolent retaliation by the neighborhood government . Continue reading

Single-payer health insurance program.

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Agencies and institutions.

Northrop Grumman’s Info Systems sector was awarded the ESD agreement in 2007. Northrop Grumman will design, develop, implement and maintain the data repository that works with the administration and incentive payment disbursements of Medicare and Medicaid applications to doctors, hospitals and other institutions. Related StoriesStudy discovers marked reduction in death, hospitalizations and charges for Medicare patientsCost of radiation therapy varies widely among Medicare patients with cancerYale researchers find improvements in mortality, hospitalizations and outcomes among Medicare individuals As america undergoes a significant transformation of its health care program, the National Level Repository will meet a critical need by processing millions of transactions to supply correct and accurate payments to our countless professionals, condition and institutions companies that are serving the medical requirements of our citizens, stated Amy King, Northrop Grumman’s vice president of health information technology applications. Continue reading

Atopy patch tests predict oral tolerance in children with milk allergy By Nikki Withers.

Neither of the parties endorse or suggest any commercial products, services, or equipment.. Atopy patch tests predict oral tolerance in children with milk allergy By Nikki Withers, medwireNews Reporter Outcomes from an Italian research present that atopy patch assessments could predict oral tolerance in kids with gastrointestinal symptoms linked to non-IgE-mediated cow’s milk allergy. Cow’s milk allergy may be the most common meals allergy in childhood, clarify Roberto Canani and co-investigators. Oral meals challenge is typically used to verify a medical diagnosis of cow’s milk allergy, however the possible usage of APTs for predicting the occurrence of oral tolerance is usually unknown. The researchers consequently investigated the advantage of APTs in predicting oral tolerance in 172 kids with a confirmed medical diagnosis of non-IgE-mediated cow’s milk allergy and gastrointestinal symptoms. Continue reading

BGASofts AGILEPART11 tool allows FDA regulated businesses to control product portfolio BGASoft.

However, such barrier-concentrated intervention is not reported in China. On August 21 A study content to be published, 2009 in the Globe Journal of Gastroenterology addresses this question. The extensive research team led by Prof. Zhang from Tumor Institute of Zhejiang University recognized the primary barriers to colonoscopy evaluation, and then set up a multifaceted barrier-concentrated intervention plan that targeted objective and subjective barriers. The attendance price for colonoscopy screening considerably increased through the intervention weighed against the initial 12 mo without intervention , which indicates that barrier-focused intervention is apparently a feasible methods to boost colonoscopy attendance among nonadherent high-risk populations for CRC screening. Continue reading

Big Pharma utilized statistical deception to market deadly statin fraud to Americans disappearing of sexual drive.

Big Pharma utilized statistical deception to market deadly statin fraud to Americans, study concludes Statins certainly are a deadly scam, and fresh research posted in the journal Professional Review of Scientific Pharmacology undoubtedly proves this disappearing of sexual drive . Using statistical deception to create statins appear effective and safe, the drug market has deviously sold america and other Western countries a bill of products, say researchers, as real data demonstrates statins provide minimal benefits while causing critical damage. Dr. David M. Gemstone, a professor of psychology, molecular physiology and pharmacology at the University of South Florida, and Dr. Continue reading

Combating aging.

SENIORS find secrets to elixir of youth SENIORS – those born between 1946-1964 – have discovered that there’s a recipe to increasing longevity, combating aging, & most importantly, feeling young than their true age group, based on the 2010 Del Webb Baby Boomer Study. In this full year, we discovered that both youthful and older seniors have found their very own version of the elixir of youth. SENIORS feel much youthful than their actual age range, based on the 2010 Del Webb Baby Boomer Study. And as age boosts, the length between their real age group and perceived age group expands. Boomers turning 50 this season start to see the difference as merely ten years, while old Boomers feel typically 13 years more youthful than how old they are. Continue reading

BSI implements programs to expand its medical device Notified Body scope to add IVD devices BSI.

Other Considerations Standard hanging or standing punching bags are designed for general training. If you are performing Muay Thai, a banana bag may be better for you, as the increased height makes it moreversatile for different punches and kicks. If it’s realism you are after, a physical body bag lets you practice jabs, uppercuts,hooks, and kicks as if you would to an actual opponent. Consider your teaching goals and degree of physical fitness before buying a punching bag in Singapore to have the best value.. BSI implements programs to expand its medical device Notified Body scope to add IVD devices BSI, a world-course Notified Body providing regulatory and quality management testimonials and item certification for medical products, is rapidly implementing programs to expand its medical gadget Notified Body scope relating to vitro diagnostic gadgets. Continue reading

As a first-line therapy AstraZeneca Canada announces the lately approved indication for IRESSA.

‘Focusing on how lung tumor is treated could be confusing for sufferers when they are initial diagnosed,’ said Catherine Dark of Lung Cancers Canada. ‘However now, with this targeted method of lung cancer care, individuals together with their physician, might have confidence they are choosing the right treatment structured on their unique tumour type.’ ‘To end up being diagnosed with lung cancers is terrifying,’ stated Roz Brodsky. ‘As a five calendar year survivor, I am thrilled there are more tools obtainable which will ensure people obtain the right treatment for his or her particular kind of lung cancers. Targeted therapies like IRESSA give new desire to so many within their fight lung cancer.’.. Continue reading

For those who possess a desire to avoid using.

To help the immune system distinguish the drug, Kosten attached inactivated cocaine to the exterior of inactivated cholera proteins. In response, the immune system not merely makes antibodies to the mixture, which is normally harmless, but also recognizes the potent naked drug if it is ingested. The antibodies bind to the cocaine and prevent it from achieving the brain, where it normally would generate the highs that are so addictive. ‘It’s a very clever idea,’ said David Eagleman, a Baylor neuroscientist. ‘Scientists have spent the previous few decades figuring out prize pathways in the brain and how medications like cocaine hijack the system. It turns out those pathways are tough to rewire once they’ve seen the medication. But the vaccine just circumvents all that.’ Kosten asked the meals and Drug Administration in December to green-light a multi-institutional trial to begin in the springtime and is certainly awaiting a response. Continue reading