GCYS - Grayson County Youth SoccerWelcome to the home page for Grayson County Youth Soccer


The Board this year is already hard at work on Spring Soccer!
Registration will be Every Saturday in March: 1st, 8th, 15th, 22nd, and 29th from 10am – 2pm.
Final registrations must be RECEIVED by April 1st – NO EXCEPTIONS.
You can still mail in your registration form that is available for download.
Fees are $35 for everyone. New/replacement uniforms are an additional $30.

Opening Day will be April Tuesday 8th; if you haven’t heard from your
coach before then, please contact a Board Member. Closing Day will be
Saturday May 17th. Let’s hope we have a nice dry Spring!

Get ready for a great Fall Season!

We have a good Board this year and they are
working hard to make this a good season. If you are
willing to donate your time or expertise to the cause
please let us know!

As always, if you have any questions or problems, please
feel free to contact a Board Member.

Please don’t forget – We’re in it for the Kids!

Soccer Camp

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The Annual Meeting is certainly occurring from May 14 to May 19 at the Walter E.

‘Previous research had used non-human cells with limited success. Human MSCs from both umbilical cords and adipose cells have anti-apoptotic and pro-regenerative effects on kidney failing and stroke plus they are recognized to modulate liver injury and promote liver regeneration. While cryopreservation can possess deleterious effects on hepatocyte cell engraftment, we wished to investigate whether a co-culture of human hepatocytes and MSCs would improve hepatocyte function.’ Related StoriesACC's public reporting program provides information regarding hospitals' performanceChildren's Memorial Hermann Medical center offers Halloween protection tipsFirst medical center installs Ortho Vision Analyzer They discovered that MSCs and hepatocytes cultured jointly demonstrated an improved production of albumin from day time five to day 25 of the lifestyle. Continue reading

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